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Homeschooling Outside the Box

May 29, 2019

Are you starving yourself?

Brandy Vencel wrote an article a few years ago that challenged parents to consider if they were starving their children's minds which made me consider, also, if I was starving my own mind. Mothers are commonly attributed with being self-sacrificing, but in terms of the mind, we must remember...

May 15, 2019

Are you raising effective communicators?

Andrew Pudewa is a well-known name in the homeschool world and for good reason. His ideas on effective communication and the arts of language - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - have helped to shape our homeschool over the years.

I'm excited to share with you today some...

May 1, 2019

Are you ready to see autism in a new light?

So often the conversation about autism is surrounded by a list of limitations. And let's face it, living the daily grind as a parent of a child on the spectrum sometimes really highlights those limitations.

Join us today as Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of the...