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Homeschooling Outside the Box

Jan 13, 2021

“Morning time” is a phrase coined by the great Cindy Rollins. She may not be the first person to ever put those two words next to each other, but the idea that it represents, the “coming together”-ness of it, can largely be attributed by the homeschool community to her.

Pam Barnhill calls it “Morning Basket” and has an entire website dedicated to the practice. In episode 46 of this podcast, Melissa McMahan referred to it as their “together time.” Others call it “symposium” or “daily basket” removing the time constraint of the morning. Whatever you call it, the idea is to gather together and learn together.

Join me today to find out how morning time can work in your homeschool and what subjects are a good fit for this chunk of your day.

Show Notes

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