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Homeschooling Outside the Box

Nov 10, 2021

For decades homeschoolers have been plagued by the question, “what about socialization” from well-meaning (and let’s be honest, sometimes not so well-meaning…) neighbors, family, and friends. The question chafes at us because it assumes that the minute we begin homeschooling, we hole up in our homes and avoid all contact with any other humans. That’s just not the case though; community is an essential part of the homeschool experience and a great homeschool group can be the place for you to find lasting relationships.

Six years ago, I was struggling to find a community to fit my outside-the-box family and in a moment of courage (or perhaps desperation), I reached out to another homeschool mama and asked her to “go do stuff together.” The result has been a deep friendship between our families and an accidentally thriving homeschool group.

Join us today as Danielle and I explore the benefits of how to start a homeschool group and why you should.


  • Why community and relationships are non-negotiables for homeschoolers
  • How it only takes one other family to get started
  • Which events are good to start with
  • How to grow your group slowly and organically
  • How to make your group “outside-the-box” friendly
  • How to structure your group
  • How to grow your group into an outreach
  • How to communicate with your group members
  • How to handle challenges
  • How to adapt when your group gets big
  • How to structure leadership
  • What to do about cost
  • Our list of events