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Homeschooling Outside the Box

Jan 6, 2021

If given the option, would you choose for your child to have dyslexia? Dyslexia is widely thought of as a challenge that gets in the way of learning but what if we’ve got it wrong? What if dyslexia is a gift? What if dyslexia helps your child to think in a way that many people cannot, therefore, providing an angle of creativity that this world really needs? What if dyslexia is actually….a strength?

Rich Sanchez grew up struggling with his dyslexia but as an adult, he has found a way to harness his unique talents. He’s made it his mission to help others do the same thing.

Join us today as Rich and I explore dyslexia from a new perspective. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Rich’s dyslexia story
  • Why dyslexia is really a strength…but not many see it that way
  • Careers that work well for dyslexics
  • Why failure is just part of the process
  • Tools that have helped Rich overcome his challenges
  • What we can teach our children to help them be prepared for life
  • A word of encouragement from Rich just for you