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Homeschooling Outside the Box

Nov 24, 2021

So far in this “Homeschool Rhythms” series we’ve talked about morning timenarrationgetting readygroup workindividual work, and read alouds. We’ve moved our way through morning activities and lunch so today we’re going to talk about rest time!

I know some of you might have the urge to check out right now thinking your children have aged out of this time of day but I assure you, it is for all ages…including you, mama. Rest time is a beautiful hour of the day when you can take a few deep breaths, make a fresh cup of coffee, and reset for your afternoon.

Our culture is obsessed with productivity; there seems to be an underlying pressure everywhere we turn to be active. What if rest is not something we do because we are finished with our work but rather something we do because God created us to need to do it?

Join me today as I show you how rest time can fit in your day.


  • How to fit rest time in your busy day
  • The benefits of having a family rest
  • Why it’s for everyone – including you!
  • How to do rest time