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Homeschooling Outside the Box

Dec 1, 2019

Do you consider poetry to be a staple of your homeschool?

Oftentimes when the subject of poetry comes up with other parents, even the most enthusiastic homeschoolers will admit that they shy away from this subject. When I press to understand why that is, the answer is usually that they themselves are not excited about poetry - they consider it either intimidating or boring or have had such a bad experience with poetry that they loathe it entirely.

Join me today as I talk with Julie Bogart of Brave Writer, who is known for her love of poetry as well as her writing and language arts resources and her coaching and mentoring program for home educators, The Homeschool Alliance. Julie shares with us the enriching role poetry played as she homeschooled her five children over the course of 17 years and shares with us the secret to making the connection with your children ( has something to do with teatime!).  

Julie gives persuasive encouragement to moms and who would much rather pass on reading poetry in their homeschool as well as inspires moms who already love poetry by giving some practical ideas for integrating it more successfully into the homeschool routine. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • why poetry matters today 
  • the benefits of reading poetry aloud
  • why poetry is accessible to everyone
  • how to love poetry if you don't right now
  • how to entice your children to love poetry
  • how poetry is especially nurturing to Outside-the-Box children
  • a lot of great poetry excerpts and recommendations
  • about Julie's great books

Show Notes