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Homeschooling Outside the Box

Sep 23, 2021

What if I told you there was a skill that would help prepare your child for any job he might pursue in the future? And what if this skill was so attainable, that you wouldn’t have to purchase a fancy curriculum or join an elite co-op to access it?

The pandemic that rocked 2020 has thrown us many curveballs but one positive consequence has been a rise in homeschooling. Parents all over the world are realizing that they can provide their children with opportunities and experiences that are not only extremely valuable but can also prepare them for the unique world they are launching into. Homeschool is the ideal environment for fostering creativity in children.

Chad Stewart has seen this change happening and is excited about the possibilities. Creativity is the top global skill and he sees homeschool as a fantastic way to equip our kids for the future. In addition to writing an award-winning and bestselling book, Britfield & the Lost Crown (the first in a series of seven), he’s created an online platform, The Britfield Institue, to help kids harness their natural creativity and teach parents how to inspire it.

Join us today as Chad and I explore the importance of creativity.


  • How Britfield (the Institute) was born
  • What makes Britfield (the books) such a great series
  • Why is harnessing our kids' creativity is so important
  • Why the homeschool revolution is happening
  • How you can work more creativity into your homeschool